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Candidates will work towards SVQ's at levels 2 & 3. They will also be required to obtain a suitable academic qualification in an engineering discipline to at least National Certificate (NC) level, possibly progressing to HNC / HND where relevant.

Apprentice Opportunity

McAlpine is a manufacturer based in the United Kingdom and is actively involved in the promotion of quality products which are available from national and independent plumbers’ and builders’ merchants. Today, McAlpine exports specifically designed products to over eighty countries around the world. Openings exist at our manufacturing facility in Glasgow for 2 Moulding Technical Apprenticeships, 1 toolmaker position, 2 Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeships,

Apprentice Criteria

All candidates must be well motivated, have good communication skills and show a desire and commitment to succeed as an Apprentice within COMPANY. Candidates for the vacancies must have, or expect to pass at least 4 National 5 Grades at Level C or above, Higher grades would be an advantage. Applications close on Monday 15th August 2022


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