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Why Study in EK/Scotland

Scotland is a multicultural society with an international perspective and a worldwide reputation for excellence in industrial and vocational training. Scotland offers a combination of a high standard of living, breathtaking scenery and a warm welcome for all visitors.


Living in Scotland

EKGTA’s Training Centre is situated in Nerston Industrial Estate, East Kilbride. The town grew from a small village to the sixth largest town in Scotland during the latter half of the 20th century. East Kilbride is located close to Glasgow and enjoys excellent public transport links, via road and rail, to the rest of Scotland. Scotland can be a cold & wet country in winter and students should bring appropriate clothing with them. Alternatively it can be bought in Scotland but it may be cheaper to buy back home. Depending on the standard of English students have, it may be beneficial to bring a bilingual dictionary to help with communications.


Frequently Asked Questions

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