MMA Welding Introductory Course

Confirmed Dates

  • Open Course
Duration 3
Timetable 08.30-15.30
Course Cost £480 Per Delegate


This course will provide an over view and basic understanding of the techniques and knowledge underpinning the skills specific to MMA Welding before moving on to develop the delegate's ability through practical coaching and exercises.

The course will enable the delegate to build the knowledge and skills to:

1. Demonstrate a knowledge of safe and proper use of equipment and materials.

2. Safely start up, set and shutdown MMA welding machinery.

3. Set the machine for different types of material and different thicknesses of material.

4. Use personal protective equipment in accordance with requirements.

5. Use a variety of different welding procedures and techniques.

6. Use different types of electrodes.


A basic understanding of engineering processes would be an advantage.

Contact lenses should not be worn by delegates attending his course.

Delegates will require basic PPE, overalls, safety glasses and safety boots.


Training will be carried out by specialist staff through lectures, demonstrations, individual coaching and practical experience in a workshop environment


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