PUWER Regulations (1998) as applied to Power Presses

Confirmed Dates

  • TBC
Duration 1
Timetable 08.30-15.30
Course Cost £160 Per Delegate


This course will give delegates an understanding of the legal requirements and constraint on users of power press machinery, including the statutory requirements laid down in the current regulations of the Power Press Regulations 1965 and 1972. Delegates should develop a more systematic approach to working safely on a power press.

The course will enable to delegate to build the knowledge and skills to:

1. Give a basic overview of the Regulations

2. Identify causes of accidents using power press machinery

3. Consider possible methods of prevention

4. Use documentation to keep suitable records

5. Identify and maintain suitable inspection records and systems

6. Explain the function of clutch mechanisms

7. Explain the function of flywheel and brakes

8. Identify and appreciate safety in tool design




Training will be carried out by a qualified instructor using a combination of demonstrations, lectures and practical experience.

A cold buffet lunch is provided.


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