Lifting Appliance Operator

Confirmed Dates

  • TBC
Duration 1
Timetable 08.30 - 15.30
Course Cost £160 Per Delegate


This course has been designed to enable the participant to safely use lifting appliances:

1. Understand Health and Safety Regulations with regards to employer/employee responsibilities.
2. Understand safety procedures and demonstrate safe operating practices.
3. Identify and explain the functions of all major crane components and assemblies.
4. Determine safe working loads (SWL) of rigging equipment.
5. Calculate load weights and select the appropriate rigging gear for the job.
6. Demonstrate the use of proper signals, and the signaller’s responsibilities.
7. Identify any site-specific rules or procedures that may apply.
8. Assess hazards related to crane operations
9. Operate an Overhead crane safely and efficiently


This 1 day course will be delivered by a 1/2 day on the regulations and theory followed by a 1/2 day practical application


1. This course is run on the client's site.
2. The course fully meets the requirements of the LOLER regulations.
3. The course terminates with a practical operating test and a theoretical safe working knowledge examination
4. Course certificates will only be awarded to successful delegates.


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