There are a huge variety of companies which have some form of engineering in their research, design, planning, production, maintenance, distribution sections/departments, and this means they all require engineers. These include companies - from the traditional engineering businesses as well as the manufacturing and the newer electronics and plastics employers.

Engineering is about using your knowledge, skills and initiative to achieve some kind of target, for example:

  • A designer will aim to develop a product and/or improve the performance or it's general appearance.
  • A production operator should aim to make sure that the company produces its products to specification and to a high standard.
  • A maintenance engineer will repair any facilities or machines that break down, either when it happens (reactive maintenance) or while the machine is not in use (planned maintenance).
  • A CNC Machinist will use a computerised control unit to programme and operate a machine to manufacture a shaped component, usually from metal. It is a precision job, and may also require the machinist to be able to carry out basic CNC Programming .

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