If you are still at school and think you may be interested in a career through an Apprenticeship, the first thing you have to do is ensure that you work as hard as you can and achieve some qualifications before leaving school. You are less likely to attract an employer if you have not at least made an effort at school, and whilst a poor academic record may not stop you from obtaining employment, a reasonable mixture of qualifications will certainly help.

 The following gives you an indication of what you should aim for if considering a career in the field of engineering:

 If you want to secure an Apprenticeship, then you should aim for the following National 5 grade, at least level C or above in Maths, English, Physics and one other technical/science subject at C or better.

 If your grades do not meet this standard, then your route in to employment could be through the Skillseekers programme. You should aim to achieve the following awards, at least:
Maths, English, and one technical/science subject at C or better. You will also be required to have a Core Skills profile at the minimum level e.g. SCQF Level 5 (Intermediate 2). 

 If you choose to do a fifth/sixth year at school, then highers can be an advantage.

 As part of the recruitment process you may have to undertake certain basic tests which will give an even clearer picture of your abilities than your standard or higher grades, so do not worry if your results are not what you expected - you can still apply.







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