What will I get paid?

Quite simply - the pay will vary depending on who you are employed by, whether you have any experience and/or training, the job you are doing, how hard you work, how many hours you work and a whole range of other factors. Even if you have no company sponsoring you as an apprentice, you can still get on to a training programme leading there through Skillseekers.


Are their any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions.


Why do I need a training course?

The training is designed to give you the knowledge, work skills and practical experience to be able to work effectively and competently, as well as safely in the role for which you are to be employed.


Do I need to achieve the qualifications?

YES - If you do not achieve the qualification then you will not be able to complete your apprenticeship.


Skills Development Scotland (SDS)?

SDS is a Government body which provides funding for a range of skills development inculding Modern Apprenticeships.


Who can give me further advice about engineering?

  • EKGTA on 01355 229985
  • Your local careers office or school guidance teacher
  • A member of staff in the technical department
  • Your parents

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