Scottish Engineering Craft Competition - 2014


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The Scottish Engineering Craft Competition is an annual event which is organised by the Score Group Plc. This year the event will be hosted by EKGTA, for the first time, on the 26th June 2014.

The event is open to all EAL Approved Training Centres in Scotland, who will generally nominate the best of their first year employed apprentices.

Based on the Performing Engineering Operations Level 2 qualification, candidates have to select two disciplines from; Manual Turning, Manual Milling, Fitting, Electrical or Electronic specialism's and are tested on their theoretical knowledge and practical ability.

It all kicks off with a dinner the night before at which the scene is set through a presentation and the competition is run over a full day.

We at EKGTA look forward to welcoming all the competitors and their mentors on the 26th June and hope you all have an enjoyable and successful competition.